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Show / hide the Windows Live Mail icon in the notification area (system tray)


Windows Live Mail icon in system tray (notification area) When running, Windows Live Mail displays an icon in the "notification area" of the taskbar (formerly known as "system tray"), next to the system clock. As you can tell from the screenshot, it gives you one-click access to the most common commands: composing a new message, creating a photo email, adding a new event to the calendar, or adding a new contact to your address book. Clicking "Windows Live Mail" restores it to the foreground, and "Close window" actually exits the program. This tutorial explains how to show or hide that icon in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Another tutorial shows you how to minimize Windows Live Mail to the tray.

Tip: you can right-click or give the icon a regular, left click to show that menu!
And a quick double-click on the system tray icon will restore the main Windows Live Mail to the foreground. Note that if you've installed RBTray (see tutorial linked above), you'll have two Windows Live Mail icons in the tray!

Enable or disable the icon in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Customize hidden icons in Windows 7 / 8 notification area For the latest Microsoft operating systems, click on the "Show hidden icons" arrow button and choose "Customize".

Scroll through the listing of programs, and click on the dropdown menu next to Windows Live Mail. To keep the icon always visible in the notification area, pick "Show icon and notifications". To keep it hidden at all times (but still accessible by clicking the button shown in the screenshot), pick "Hide icon and notifications" instead.

Click OK when you are done!

Hide or show the icon in Windows Vista

Right-click in an empty area of the taskbar and choose Properties: Customize the taskbar properties in Windows Vista Select the "Notification Area" tab in the dialog that opened, and click on the Customize button. Vista will show a listing of all recent and current applications with a system tray icon. Scroll to find Windows Live Mail, and click on the dropdown menu next to it.

Choose "Show" or "Hide", as you prefer (both options mean "always" display the icon or keep it hidden). Click OK once to apply, and OK one more time to return to Windows.

Note: showing and hiding inactive taskbar icons works the same way in XP.

Different icon when new emails are downloaded

The taskbar icon shows a yellow envelope in overlay when you receive messages (and a "You have new email" tooltip). Just double-click on it to restore Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail icon changes when you receive messages

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