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Request read receipt in Windows Live Mail


Requested read receipt notification received in Windows Live Mail Windows Live Mail lets you request read receipt notifications for any message you send, to let you know if and when your email was read. It also lets you automatically, always request read confirmations from your recipients for every message you send. Finally, you can customize when to send read notifications requested by your senders: always, never, or "ask me each time" (the default).

Caveat: you should not fully rely on read receipts.

• Getting one doesn't guarantee that the intended recipient read your message (think of a shared email account, where multiple people open messages).

• Not receiving one can mean several things: the recipient's email program doesn't support that feature (not too likely), the person chose not to acknowledge your receipt request, or has configure their email client never to accept those. (Of course, it could also mean that the person hasn't yet opened your email!)

Manually request read receipts

Manually request a read receipt in Windows Live Mail Compose a new email by pressing Ctrl+Shift+M or clicking on the corresponding button. In the new window, make sure that the Message tab is selected, and click on the "Read receipt" checkbox.

The option is now enabled, and you can resume writing and sending.

You can also check that checkbox with the odd keyboard shortcut of Alt+M, F, R.

Did you know? Behind the scenes, Windows Live Mail adds a special instruction (Disposition-Notification-To) to the email headers, requesting that receipt from your recipient's email program. That's how simply read receipts work! Read receipt instruction in email headers

Always request a read receipt

To automatically ask for read receipts whenever you send an email from Windows Live Mail, click on the Windows Live Mail menu (top left) and go to Options > Mail: Configure Windows Live Mail settings

You are done! From this point on, all emails you create from Windows Live Mail will have the "Read receipt" checkbox automatically checked - just uncheck it to disable the option for that particular message (it won't affect your global setting).

Response to read receipt requests you receive from senders

By default, Windows Live Mail shows a "The message sender has requested a response to indicate that you have read this message. Would you like to send a receipt?" dialog when you get a notification request from a sender, and only sends a confirmation if you click Yes: Read receipt request from email senders

But you can customize this behavior through the program's settings: click on the Windows Live Mail menu (button in top left corner), and choose Options > Mail: Configure Windows Live Mail settings

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