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Import contacts in Windows Live Mail


Import address book files into Windows Live Mail contacts When you setup email accounts in Windows Live Mail from popular webmail provider (like Hotmail), contacts from that service will often be automatically imported. Whether they were or not, you can manually import old contacts from a variety of sources (address book files exported from webmail providers or email programs) and formats (CSV text files, WAB address books, Windows contacts, and VCF business cards).

Note: when you install Windows Live Mail on your PC, it automatically tries to import emails and contacts from other email programs like Outlook Express or Windows Mail. Check your address book before importing possible duplicates!

Transfer old contacts from a VCF, WAB, or CSV text file

Import contacts in Windows Live Mail Press the Ctrl+3 keyboard shortcut or click on the address book icon in the lower left corner of Windows Live Mail's main window → Windows Live Mail address book icon

From the address book, click on the Import button, and four options will appear: the one you pick depends on the format in which you've exported contacts from another email program or webmail provider.

Import Options

Click on the file format you want, and follow the import wizard's prompts: in the case of WAB and VCF, you'll need to pick a file from your hard drive or local network. The current Windows address book directly imports once you select that option.

For the CSV Import: click Browse, then locate and double-click on address book file on your computer - click Next. The next screen allows you to check or uncheck fields (pieces of information) about your contacts - those you want to import (checked) or leave out (unchecked). Ignore the Mapping option , and click Finish. Import CSV address book file into Windows Live Mail

Check your contact list: it has now been updated with new people! For anyone not included in that file, you can manually add contacts using a sender's email (to spare yourself some typing), or by creating brand new address book entries.

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