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Export contacts from Windows Live Mail


Windows Live Mail contacts exported to CSV text file All contacts you have created in Windows Live Mail are stored in your address book, which can be exported with a few clicks to either a CSV text file ("comma separated values", with the first line used for headers), or individual VCF business cards (or "vCards"). Both formats are nearly universally supported by webmail providers and email programs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Microsoft Outlook 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 will automatically select the CSV when you start an address book import.

Note: Windows Live Mail automatically exports all contacts in your address book, but we'll show you how to manually remove the ones you didn't want.

Export Windows Live Mail address book to CSV file

Go to your Contacts: hit Ctrl+3 or click on the address book icon Windows Live Mail address book icon (bottom left).

Export Windows Live Mail contacts to CSV file In the ribbon, click on the "Export" button dropdown, and choose "Comma separated values (.CSV)".

When the wizard opens, click "Browse" and choose the folder (e.g., desktop) where you'd like to save the CSV file. Type a name for it, leave "CSV" selected in the "Save as type" dropdown, and click Save.

Click Next: check or uncheck the fields you'd like to export for each person in your address book. By default, the main ones are selected - name, email address, street, city / state / zip, phone, etc. If you never entered a particular piece of information for that contact, the field will just be blank (this is not a problem). You'll see a "Windows Live Contacts - export in progress dialog". It will close as soon as the operation is complete: Windows Live Contacts export in progress

Tip: remove unwanted contacts from the CSV file by opening it in Notepad or Excel and deleting lines / rows you don't need. Leave the first one intact, as it contains headers used when importing these contacts in other apps.

Import your contacts in Microsoft Outlook

To import contacts in Outlook 2007 or 2003, click on the File menu and choose "Import and Export", and follow the prompts. To import your address book file into Outlook 2010 or 2013, click on the File button (top left corner of the window), choose "Open" on the left, and click on "Import". Then, select "Import from another program or file": Import contacts into Microsoft Outlook 2010

Export Windows Live Mail contacts to VCF vCards

Go to your Contacts: hit Ctrl+3 or click on the address book icon Windows Live Mail address book icon (bottom left).

Export address book contacts as VCF business cards Click on the Export button, and choose "Business card (.VCF)".

Choose a folder in which to save these vCards - since one VCF file will be created for each contact, we recommend that you create a new folder to export them: click to select the parent folder (like your desktop), and click on Make New Folder. Type a folder name, hit Enter, and click OK to continue.

The "Export in progress" dialog will appear and automatically close when the export finished: you can now navigate to the folder and double-click to open a contact card. Folder with business card VCF files

Tip: to remove unwanted contacts, select each person's business card in the folder and hit Delete: how to select multiple files at the same time.

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