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Delete email account from Windows Live Mail


Delete email account from Windows Live Mail Just like you can add as many email accounts as you want in Windows Live Mail, you can delete them when you no longer need them. Re-adding them back in is always possible, and the only concern is losing messages that are on your computer but no longer on the server. This problem doesn't exist for "IMAP" accounts, since they are synchronized at all times with the mail server (duplicate copies of these emails at least on your PC and on the server, plus any other computer which might also login to that account).

Caution: if you are deleting a POP3 email account, keep in mind that some of the messages may only exist on your computer (see the "Leave messages on server" setting). If you don't backup these emails, you may lose them forever.

Permanently remove email accounts

Remove email account from Windows Live Mail The first way to delete an email account from Windows Live Mail is to right-click on its header (not its email folders) in the left pane, and to choose "Remove account" from the context menu. The message you will get depends on the way this particular email account was setup in Windows Live Mail: for IMAP accounts, removing this email address won't cause problems, since messages are always kept on the server. Restoring access to that account is just a matter of setting it back up.

If you are trying to delete an IMAP account, you'll get this confirmation message: "Are you sure you want to remove the {account name} account?, with a set of Yes / No buttons: Are you sure you want to remove this account?

Deleting POP3 accounts

Delete a POP3 account from Windows Live Mail If you are trying to delete a POP3 account, you'll get a much longer warning: "If this account is set so that messages are deleted from the email server as you read them in Mail, your messages will be permanently deleted when you remove this account. To save them, move them to a storage folder before you remove this account. If you don't see any storage folder, click the View menu, and then click Storage folders". Unless you always kept a copy of downloaded messages on the server, removing the account will permanently delete some messages: just drag-and-drop these messages to a local folder to save them.

Tip: "storage folders" are folders that are completely separate from email accounts. They're a great way to backup email messages (copying) or to free up storage space on the server (moving).

Backup deleted accounts to a local storage folder Once storage folders are visible, right-click on their label in the left pane and choose "New folder": give the folder a meaningful name, and hit Enter.

Here's how you proceed:

Delete email addresses through the Accounts listing

Another way to remove email accounts from Windows Live Mail: go through the Accounts dialog. Click on the File button (top left), and choose Options > Email accounts. When the dialog opens, click to select an account and click on the "Remove" button. Manually add email accounts in Windows Live Mail

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