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Add email account to Windows Live Mail (POP3 / IMAP)


Setup email accounts in Windows Live Mail 2012 Windows Live Mail 2012 supports just about any email account you can think of: from standard POP and IMAP accounts, to proprietary-protocols like Microsoft's Exchange DeltaSync. Arguably, Windows Live Mail has even better support out-of-the-box than Office's own Microsoft Outlook (since Outlook requires addons to support Hotmail / / email addresses). This tutorial will show you how to setup standard POP3 and IMAP accounts.

Tip: the setup process is near completely automated for some of the most popular email providers. Here's how to configure these webmail services:
Setup AOL MailSetup GmailSetup Hotmail / Outlook.comSetup Yahoo Mail

Setup new email accounts in Windows Live Mail

When you install Windows Live Mail, it obviously has no email account already setup: so when you first launch the program, you'll be greeted with the "new email account setup" dialog, which appears only once. But you can access at any time by clicking on the New email account button under the "Accounts" tab in the Ribbon: Add new email accounts in Windows Live Mail

Tip: you can also add new email accounts and view the entire listing by going to the File > Options > Accounts" (the File button is in the top left corner). Manually add email accounts in Windows Live Mail And when the Accounts dialog opens, you'll see every email address currently setup in Windows Live Mail. Just click on the "Add" button to create another.

Add your account information

Enter email account information Whether you are setting up a POP3 or IMAP account, the start of the process is exactly the same: start by entering your full email address (in the following form: username, the "@" symbol, and the provider's domain (or your own, if you are hosting the account).

Then, type your account password: note that it is nearly always case-sensitive.

If you leave the "Remember this password" checkbox checked, Windows Live Mail will never ask you for credentials for this account, unless the password has changed.

Finally, choose whether this email address should be the default sender, by optionally checking the "Make this my default email account" checkbox.

Check the "Manually configure server settings" checkbox, and click Next.

Configure your email account connection

The variables to configure to connect Windows Live Mail to your account are the incoming server settings (receiving emails) are on the left, and outgoing server settings (sending mail) on the right: this information comes from your email provider. Incoming and outgoing server settings in Windows Live Mail

Incoming mail server settings

Outgoing mail server settings

Test your setup

When you click on the Next button, Windows Live Mail will try to connect to your mail server with the information you just supplied: if it is successful, you'll get a "Your email account was added" confirmation message. Click Finish - you are ready to go!

Give a name to your new email account To rename your new email account, just right-click on it in the folder listing, and choose "Properties": type another, meaningful name, and hit Enter.

Caveat: for POP3 accounts, make sure to understand the “Leave messages on server” option, so that emails don't get automatically deleted from the server.

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